Faith Church

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Faith Church in Orwigsburg, PA with Pastor Doug Cresswell.  Gathering together to build our faith in Christ our Lord  as family and friends.

Faith campaigns

WHAT IS A CAMPAIGN?  Campaigns are a church-wide event starting with the message delivered by Pastor Doug on Sunday morning.  Then at some point during the week, you go to a small group meeting to further discuss the topic of the week.  Growing in your Christian walk is not just going to church on Sunday mornings, it's continuing to grow and learn and share with others. 

Faith Church has many small groups to join, they are listed in our bulletins every week.  You can even start your own!  They are a fun way to learn about the teachings of Jesus Christ and also fellowship with other Christians.

We are super excited to be bringing a new campaign to Faith Church this Spring....Miracle of Mercy.  This campaign will begin on Easter Sunday and run for six (6) weeks.